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My Story

  I am a life long fitness & health fanatic. My mom took me to her fitness club when I was about 14 & I was hooked. I have been a Personal trainer since 2004, Crossfit instructor, Certified Nutrition Counselor, USA Weightlifting & ACE Certified. I competed in my first Figure competition in 2014 at the age of 48. I never thought that I would do that, or even wanted to. But, I wanted my daughter to see that you can do anything you set your mind to, and our age does not define us or our abilities. My intention was to do just one show, well.... I now have 21 competitions under my belt,18 National Qualifying wins and 2 National events. 

My Specialties

DNA testing
wgt loss/fitness
2023-11-26 Kim Hix-228-IG
2023-11-26 Kim Hix-165-IG
2023-11-26 Kim Hix-316
Lee Haney Games
So excited to win this one
alt="kim hix personal trainer"
Excited to be here
alt="kim hix and client"
alt="client Bruce working out"
alt="kim hix NPC Borderclash"
alt="client Derrick using Hex bar"
alt="kim Hix with Nicole Wilkins"
Borderclash 2018 with hubby
alt="Kim Hix Happy New Year"
alt="Kim Hix with Bobo Eason"
alt="kim hix personal trainer"
alt="NPC Masters Nationals"
alt="client doing dead lifts"
Photo shoot at Trifit barbell
New Year 2018 with Tri-fit gang
Grand Prix 2017
IDEA fitness
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ISSA certified
ISSA Certified
American Sports and Fitness Association
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