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This is a page of some of my favorite things, products that I use and or wear. I don't endorse or recommend just any brands or products unless I actually like them, believe in them and use them myself. Some of these companies I have discount coupons that you can use, some of them I don't. I am just sharing them because I like them & thought you may like them too. I am not selling them on my site (except my t-shirts) just providing links to their pages

Clean Machine
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Clean Green Protein™ is the 1st product to contain a new protein named Lentein®, major breakthrough in plant-based fitness nutrition. Lentein is higher in essential amino acids and has more Vitamin B12 than other proteins like Pea, Rice, Hemp and Soy! Lentein is also more nutrient-dense than Kale, Spinach, Spirulina, Chlorella and Moringa. With Clean Green Protein having 20 grams of protein per serving, think of this as your protein powder and your greens powder combined in one.


Ahiflower Oil is the richest Non-GMO plant source of Omega-3 Stearidonic Acid (SDA). SDA can by-pass a mechanism inside your liver that limits EPA metabolism. So as a result, Ahiflower Oil converts to EPA in circulating cells 300-400% more efficiently than other oils.

Clean Green Protein

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Tri-Fit barbell

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Of course my favorite gym, Tri-fit barbell, is on my list !!! This is my second home, my home away from home, where I love to be. Tri-fit opened in October 2017, proud owners Chad and Logan, have built a family of fitness loving people here. Best gym in town. Come by if you are in the area. Most days Im here, and for sure one of the guys will be. We love it here and this is where we Take Fitness Back !! Come join us.


320 W. Butler Rd

Mauldin, SC 


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My new fav thing ‼️ You know how I Love brands that promote & empower women‼️ Well, check this one out 👉👉 Four Girls on a Mission  You will love the positive, encouraging, sassy, messages on their t-shirts. Available for women, children & men. Check out their story: 👉👉👉
“Two moms (Meghan & Melissa) set out to give girls, and girl supporters, apparel that speak their mission of female power and equality. Like most parents, Meghan frequents the local, large retail stores to shop for her two daughters. She finds that while the girls’ apparel section is full of lovely colors, embellishments and displays, it is sorely lacking in clothes that truly represent the strong, vibrant and empowered girls “I was done waiting for someone else to solve this problem. I decided to take action and show my daughters, not just tell them, that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you believe in yourself.” Armed with their design and marketing backgrounds, a whole lot of grit and determination, and a common desire to give their daughters a voice through their apparel, Meghan and Melissa are proud to introduce FOUR GIRLS - a new line of apparel on a mission to expand girl power, one T-shirt at a time. And that's not all! $1 of every item purchased will be donated to individuals and programs making a positive impact in the areas of women's safety, education and wellness. “


If you are like me you will have a hard time deciding on just one. So don’t. Order several, because $1 from every purchase is donated to women’s charities ✅✅ so go. Now‼️ Fourgirlsonamission.com

Elemental Synergy CBD oil
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cbd oil

Launched in 2019, Esynergy represents over a decade of MCI experience focused on the benefits of CBD. A partnership born of friendship has developed into a company determined to change the industry. Having been touched personally by the benefits of high quality CBD products, profits take a backseat to quality and making the products accessible to all. Disgusted by the approach of big pharmaceutical companies, Esynergy goals are rooted in results, compassion, and accessibility. We are committed to providing our customers with the best prices possible.  We are here to answer your questions and listen to your comments.

Regularly published ACS on our site validate your confidence in Esynergy having only the highest quality products at the best price. Clean room production, Kosher handling, and only 2 ingredients (CBD and MCT oil) are a given at Esynergy.

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Performix Driven
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Performix Driven uses specialized technology when creating superior products. Below is just a sample.



Advanced multi-phase extended release

Best in class patented ingredients

Maximum ingedient performance

Multiple release point delivery

Phased delivery functionality



PERFORMIX harnesses the power of io to alter protein’s structure at the molecular level by increasing surface area to optimize absorption and digestion. Accelerate your results and charge through your goals with ioProtein and PERFORMIX, driving exceptional performance, in fitness and in life.

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Various styles and sizes. email me or message to inquire about a design an size you may be interested in.

Grind Athletics was born and bred out of the Gold's Gyms in Eastern North Carolina. It was born to represent the GRINDERS in the gym, paying their dues day after day no matter what life throws at them. We are not just a company that sells clothing. We pay tribute to a culture that represents the select few that Grind hard, chasing their dreams.....doing the work others won't so they can look like others don't. You would have to kill a Grinder to get them to stop. It's in their blood. It's who they are. 

THE GRIND ATHLETICS represents a sick ass style that pays tribute to the Grinders. We are full of American Pride, and the 10 Gold's Gym's we were born out of are full of the toughest people I have ever met; military personnel. That is why we incorporated the flag into our logo. Grind- to perform repetitive actions over and over in order to attain a goal..... Welcome to the grind!!!!!

Thanks for the support! Welcome to the culture!

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And this little guy is Diesel, the coolest little Grinder of them all !