Fewer Carbs May make your Metabolism burn hotter than ever !

The newest research in BMJ from Boston Children's Hospital show that eating fewer carbs after a period of weight loss could increase a persons metabolic rate AND help keep it off.

A 10 week weight loss study was conducted with 234 ppl, aged 18-65. Those ppl who l ost 10%-14% of body weight were then moved to the second phase which lasted 5 months. In this phase the subjects were given fully prepared and measured meals of low/moderate and high carbohydrate meals (20%/40%/60%). Total calories were calculated for all the maintain their current weight, the new weight loss.

During the time of the study, the energy expenditure of each was measured, and was found to be higher in the low carbohydrate group. The low carb (20%) burned on average 209 MORE calories per day than the high (60%) carb group who ate more starch (carbs) even when body weight was nearly equal, and 91 more calories than the moderate (40%) carb group.

The study also confirms not all calories are metabolically alike ! It is believed that eating more carbs raises insulin levels, which in turn slows the metabolism and fat cells to store more calories. It was also found that ghrelin, a stomach hormone that increases appetite and reduces calorie burn, was LOWER on the low carb diet group!!


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