Fun home workouts anyone can do

I like to mix things up for my clients & give them something different every day. Today, for my group of moms (Heather, Jess,Deb) that I train 3 mornings a week at one of their homes, I had them do different circuits for the length of a song. Affectionately called a 1 song workout. Pictured are the 4 different circuits they did. For instance, they did circuit #1 repeatedly to the song Blurred Lines, as many rounds as each one could do for the length of the song. 🙌

This is a great home workout because you use your own exercises and number of reps & pick your songs.

My song selection for the 4 circuits: “Blurred Lines“ by Robin Thick ”Power” by Kanye “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson ”Push it” by Salt n Peppa

Give it a try. No weights at home? No problem. Use body weight exercises and things

around your house. Just be creative, for example >>>>

Stair runs/push ups/chair dips/walking lunges or in place lunges/use kitchen towels on feet for disc gliders, the options go on & on.

Have Fun.

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