Goals. Do you have them?

Goal: the result or achievement toward which effort is directed; aim; end.

Why do we need goals?

✳️ Having a goal with a set date for accomplishment gives you something to plan and work for.

✳️ Some goals may seem daunting, setting a goal can help break larger, intimidating aspirations into smaller, more achievable “wins”

✳️ Setting a goal for yourself is a way to fuel your ambition & get excited about something.

✳️ Goals hold us accountable.

✳️ Goals keep you motivated.

Setting a goal. Keeping that goal. Focus. That is what has kept me competing in Figure competitions, despite injuries, despite family crisis, despite, life craziness.

I have exercised for as long as I can remember, always, diligently, faithfully, but with no certain direction or Goal except to be fit & I enjoy it. I decided to do 1 competition at the age of 48 as a challenge to myself, just to see if I could. I realized during that process that I LIKE having the goal & focus & purpose of what I needed to do every day when I walked into the gym. And, I enjoy the anticipation and excitement working towards the goal and end date. I also found I made more progress that way. So, I stuck with it, having goals makes me a better person all around.

Do you set goals? They don’t have to be big. They can be anything and as small or large as you want them to be.

Are you trying to stop a soda habit? A goal can be this week I’ll drink 3 instead of 4 a day. Next week 2 instead of 3....

Or are you working on your fitness? A goal can be this week I will walk 15 minutes 3 times three days. Next week 25 minutes 3 days. The week after 25 minutes 5 days...

You can have any goal‼️ Give it a try.

Write it down. ✍️✍️



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