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What my Clients Have to Say

"I have been working with Kim for about 7 years. I can say without question she is the real deal. My goals are strength and endurance. Each week plans are fresh and challenging. A true professional."

(Tommy M.)

"I have trained with Kim for several years. She is a wonderful trainer who develops creative challenging workouts. She continues to encourage you when you feel you can’t do anymore to make sure you make the most out of your workout and ensure you reach your goals."

(Aarti F.)

Rosalyn Ward Western 


I want to give a shout out to someone. Everyday there is someone I call or text with a workout, dieting (and we use it in the true form of the word...what I am eating) or nutrition question. Or a personal statement or question that has to do with these changes I am trying to work toward becoming habits.

Kimberly Watson Hix could not be a better friend, or personal trainer or nutrition guru. She literally has the patience of Job and the knowledge to help to answer questions to help me with my goals. Or just a comment. Or a check in on how it's going.

I am so grateful for her friendship and guidance and love...and I believe that she loves her clients and cares for them as friends.

Kim is fantastic! My daughter was looking for strength training for dance, and Kim has set up a program for to follow, and have fun while doing it. It is great to have such a wonderful role model for her to look up to and learn from.


Chad Cody

Kim has been absolutely amazing with coaching me with eating healthier, and also teaching me the nutritional information so I can make correct decisions when choosing what to eat. She has also been instrumental in teaching me the correct techniques with exercising and choosing the correct exercises. I started training with her starting at the end of October 2020 and within 3 1/2 months I have lost 70lbs and still on track to my goal weight of 195lbs. 👍😃 Thank you so much. This has been life changing for me.

"I've been struggling with my weight since I had children. I was the girl that could eat anything and everything, and after having two kids, it showed. I've tried all of these diet programs, shake plans... lost a lot of weight and put it right back one when the "program" stopped working. Kim waited and watched as I lost the weight and gained it right back. I didn't listen to her because the shake program worked, so I thought. After two years of fighting this battle of food, I gave up and asked Kim to help me. I've been on the eating plan for about a week a half, and I must stay that I feel so much better. I've lost 7.5 pounds, but the biggest benefit has been that I don't wake up in the morning, roll out of bed, only to hurt when I stand up. I have plantar fasciitis, and I've noticed I'm no longer in pain. I feel like I'm learning how to eat and fuel my body. The other thing that I love about Kim is she logs her meal plans in my fitness pal so you can track and see how she is eating. I love this example she models for me each day. Thank you so much, Kim!!! You rock!!!"


"I have been knowing Kim for years She is a beast of a trainer that loves what she does and has true passion for it. She is the type of trainer that can push any body type to its changing point. That goes for men,women, old, and young. She will get you to your goals."


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