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 Personal Training info and Pricing



   I can assure you training with me is unlike any other that you may have experienced before (or so I've been told) each client is unique and treated that way. You will never repeat a workout. I make it fun, different and challenging.  I do not conform to the typical machine workout, 3 sets of 12 reps. I use a variety of "toys" in my training, dumbbells, kettlebells, body weight, some machines, bands and more. 


   "I have worked with several other trainers in the past and none compare to Kim! She is the most intentional, caring, positive, and inspiring personal trainer. Not only have I seen physical improvement from just a couple months working with her, but mental as well. Kim has ingrained a confidence in me and pushed me to lead a healthy, positive lifestyle. Each workout is organized specifically to my body type and catered to my personal goals. I could not ask for a better trainer, mentor and friend. If you aren't working out with Kim you are missing out!! Olivia H.

​​       1hr coaching $70
       1/2 hr $40
       Duet (2 ppl@ same time & split fee) $85 1 hr. 
       Duet for 1/2 hr. $50
      12 hrs $825
      12~1/2 hrs $468
      8 hrs $552
      8 1/2 hrs $312

      *No refunds. Sessions are good for 12


     Online Programming 
       $100 for 4 weeks of programming
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